Low Vision Eyeglasses

Ever look through a pair of binoculars... Things look alot bigger, a lot more closer, and much easier to see.

Dr. Kinkade and Buenau's Opticians are able to help certain patients with vision loss to keep reading, writing, driving, and performing many other important daily and leisure activities. They offer treatment for patients with mild low vision, who are just starting to have difficulty reading, and to patients who have moderate to profound vision loss and who are legally blind.

Some satisfied low vision eyeglasses patents

Dr. Kinkade works with ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, occupational therapists, and other rehabilitation specialists to maximize vision. As a founding member of the International Academy of Low Vision Specialists, he meets annually to advance the field of low vision with top optical designers and manufacturers.

Macular Degeneration is the most common eye disease amongst the senior population. As with macular Degeneration, other eye diseases often leave a blind spot right in the center of vision.

Dr. Kinkade's mission is to search out every possible way to keep a person functioning whether it's reading, seeing television, looking at the computer, recognizing faces, or writing a check.

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