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Buenaus Opticians, Inc. is honored to support Shared Vision International - a non-profit organization devoted to providing vision care services to those who have limited access or cannot afford it. We believe that everyone should be able to see, and that's why we've thrown our support behind such a great cause!
shared vision international
From There Website:
"Shared Vision International is a non-profit organization devoted to the restoration of sight for those with limited access to vision care or who otherwise cannot afford it. Many components factor into an individual receiving accurate diagnosis and eye care. Shared Vision’s goal is to act as a link between the moving parts in a manner that dignifies all persons involved. We partner with optical retailers and wholesalers, as well as individuals, to find frames and lenses that will match a particular community’s needs. We collaborate with local and international aid organizations in order to have an accurate assessment of physical needs, cultural considerations and communication nuances. Finally, Shared Vision acts as the field agent, delivering and assisting in the eye exams and eyewear fittings, and participating in the interaction between physicians and clients receiving aid."
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"Shared Vision began as a conversation amongst four friends. Years of travel, local community development and non-profit involvement, and work in the optometry industry had increased our awareness of populations, both locally and abroad, who live with impaired vision. The lack of financial resources and access to optometric care results in thousands of individuals who suffer from minor sight impairment to preventable blindness. On the other side of the coin, we have found there are countless vision care professionals who desire to utilize their knowledge and resources in aid work, but who lack the time or opportunity to coordinate reaching the unreached. It was on a road trip to Colorado when everything came together, resulting in the idea for creating a bridge between needs and resources. The result was Shared Vision. We are pleased to ask you to join us in providing and aiding in the restoration of sight."